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Senator Anning Calls For Expanded Banking Royal Commission

Senator Anning Calls For Expanded Banking Royal Commission

Summary: In a move sure to get results Senator Fraser Anning is hosting a media event to show all Australians that the banking Royal Commission needs to be enhanced and extended to do the job required. On Tuesday August 14 2018 bank victims and other concerned citizens are coming to Canberra to support his efforts.

On the same day he is likely to make his maiden speech. Bank Reform Now hopes the finance sector and the way it is abusing all of us will be featured.

Schedule for Senator Anning's -  "Extend the Banking Royal Commission Event."  Parliament House ACT

Senator Anning's crew headed by Leon Ashby is hosting this event - which may be the last really good chance to influence the Royal Commission to do its job properly. It aims to show you the types of cases that have been submitted to the Hayne Royal Commission but which so far have not been publicly investigated. BRN wants our friends and supporters to participate. We would love you, your friends and your family to come and bear witness. If you want to help and get regular updates from Senator Anning's office - send an email to Leon Ashby >> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(link sends e-mail)

As well as attending the event, start making appointments to meet your Local member and your State Senators in Canberra on 13th, 14th or 15th Aug  to inform them you want the Royal Commission to have more power and time. Their office numbers can be found here.
(link is external)

Also - strongly encourage your Local member / Senators to attend the event from 9.30 am to 11 am on Tuesday 14th Aug in Parliament house in the main committee room. If you can't meet with them or they can't attend in Canberra tell them to support a longer and more powerful RC (contact details can be found at the link above).

Below is the planned schedule.

         Mon Aug 13th -  6 pm at Forrest Hotel - 30 National Circuit ACT - rehearsal for the next day's event.

        Tues Aug 14th - 8.30 am – 9.15 am arrive at Parliament House and go to Main Committee room on level 1
          (Speakers will need to assemble inside the main Marble entrance at 9 am and be escorted to the Committee room – so they don't get lost)

         9.30 am Senator Fraser Anning welcomes guests

         9:35  – 10.35 am interviews conducted to a sharp timetable (summaries will be displayed on screen)

        10:35 – 11:05 am media asks the speakers & Senator Anning questions about the need for an enhanced and extended RC

         11:20 am room begins emptying

         Suggest all go to lunch  11:30 am – 12.30 pm

Other events to attend in the Senate in the afternoon might include

         2.30pm possible reintroduction of the motion to Extend the Royal Commission by Senator Fraser Anning

         Senator Anning's Maiden Speech at 5 pm

         After Speech party at 6 pm (free drinks and food)

Additional Information

Senator Fraser Anning has booked the Main Committee room in Parliament House (capacity 180 + another 100 upstairs) plus standing room around the edges of the room.

He wants as many actual victims / complainants attending the meeting as possible.

Come prepared to at least speak to some media, even if you don't get to speak in the main event.

The aim is to use good cases that illustrate approximately ten different issues within 60 minutes (~six minutes per issue)

Each bank casualty / victim is to bring 20  copies of their case (summarised on 1-2 pages with their mobile number) to give to the media and politicians.

Seating for the main event will be first in / best dressed

Speakers will be up the front of the room standing in a line, ready to be interviewed

The media will be in the front of the audience recording each speaker as they are interviewed.

Once a speakers time allocation is gone the next speaker will be called to come forward

The event will likely be broadcast at least on the web.

Accommodation in Canberra within walking distance of Parliament House (Free parking is usually at these hotels).

             Forrest Hotel, 30 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 02 6203 4300

             Kurrajong Hotel, 8 National Circuit Barton ACT 02 6234 4444

             Little National Hotel, 21 National Circuit Barton ACT 02 6188 3200

             Rydges Capital hill, Corner Canberra Ave & National Circuit Forrest ACT 02 6295 3144

             Brassey Hotel, Belmore Gardens & Macquarie Street Barton ACT 02 6273 3766

Bank Reform Now supports this event and wishes Senator Anning the best of luck for his maiden speech.

What is required? More time - More power

Yes - that is all we need and demand!

Right from the start Turnbull did not want a fair dinkum inquiry. The aim was a short and weak inquiry. The banks are being protected by the government. Turnbull’s weak terms of reference prove it!

BRN’s draft terms are a stark contrast to what Commissioner Hayne has been given. Hayne has the power to ask for what is required …. Will he?  The BRN Gold Standard Terms of reference are a good guide regarding what is needed. Read it right here.

BRN does not trust the government, its regulators or its inquiries to bring about genuine and far reaching reforms.

We are doing two things right now to help ....

1. The #BigBankBANG CBA Boycott ... No new loans with CBA for at least 12 months. We are targeting one bank at a time to show that the people really do have the power to bring about change. More here.

2. We are already preparing for #OzElection19 ... soon BRN is launching a suite of policies that will do the job required. We will endorse politicians in each electorate that commit to implementing the policies. The will of the people will be respected otherwise politicians will not get our vote. More here.

The BRN Event Media Release can be downloaded here. Please print and email it far and wide. Put them up on noticeboards: in supermarkets; libraries; schools; universities; workplaces; community centres; medical & dental practices ... and anywhere else you think would be helpful.

When a politician supports good policy they deserve a fair go and possibly your vote.

This article is republished from
Author: Dr P Brandson
Bank Reform Now
23 Jul 2018
Last modified onWednesday, 05 September 2018 03:59

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