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Bendigo Bank responds to pay scale claims

Bendigo Bank responds to pay scale claims

Bendigo Advertiser  June 20, 2013,

BENDIGO and Adelaide Bank does not have a problem with gender equality, according to a bank spokeswoman.

Responding to an article in The Age which noted 1240 women at the bank earned base rate award wages compared with 423 men, the spokeswoman said the “inference” the bank underpaid women was untrue.

The article also noted there were more than three times as many men in senior management than women and said male executives outnumbered their female counterparts seven to two.

“Bendigo and Adelaide Bank would like to comment on recent media reporting regarding gender diversity and pay at our bank,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

“The implication contained in the article about pay inequity across gender is simply not true.

“The WGEA report, which is used as the basis for the article, shows the number of women and men in various categories of roles they perform at a company, not what they’re paid.

“Statements about the gender pay gap refer to national ABS statistics and incorrectly infer our bank is underpaying women who work for us.

“The reality is that for roles covered by the Enterprise Agreement there is a structured pay scale that is applied consistently regardless of gender.”

The spokeswoman said the bank also promoted flexible work hours which could explain the figures.
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“One of the main reasons our bank has more women on award rates is because we promote flexible work place options, including part-time or varied hours,” she said.

“This helps our employees – men and women – stay in the work force as they undertake study, start families or transition to retirement.

“The bank has programs in place to ensure the gender mix of our future leaders is appropriate and a strategy committed to diversity and inclusiveness.”

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank was one of 123 financial and insurance companies examined by CLEO magazine in an investigation into the gender pay gap.

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