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Financial System Inquiry Final Report 7th December 2014

Financial System Inquiry Final Report 7th December 2014
The Financial System Inquiry Final Report was released on Sunday 7 December and the Inquiry has concluded.

The Treasurer has called for consultation on the Final Report, further information is available on the Treasury website.


Last modified onMonday, 08 December 2014 22:38

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  • k d campbell
    k d campbell Friday, 13 March 2015 22:04 Comment Link

    The financial institutions in Australia were once respected and trusted by generations to advise and assist in managing the family's finances. Those entities and their staff were genuinely appreciated. We now have in their place 100% profit orientated impersonal data collection points with dishonest shiesters constantly scheming up new scams to rort every possible cent off every account holder. These scamming organisations condoned, indeed incouraged by our vigilant, protective, plutocratic law making governance dictates every citizen be part of, reward their frontline grubs with bonus incentives for lieing and duping the savings out of any Joe Citizen lucky enough to walk in the door. Any person copping the bullshit this is a "small problem" "just a couple of rogue planners" should get reasurance and help.......... a nice chat with tinkerbell over a cup of elf tea should do it. Oh ! Yes the #%&*$.000 000 millions stolen for hahahaha......." dishonour" or late payment fees was an oversight completely understandable as were the 10's of thousands of woopsies in maladministration of credit facilities ($$$ bonus incentivised)? And these slight localized errors i'd wager wouldn't be a drip in the swamp! Hey thats an idea ! Has anyone asked the two com bank managing directors that transfered overseas just after that sess pit opened up? Strange that............ considering the record profits and success boasted by the con bank ?


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