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Founders Message - 18 October 2018

Founders Message - 18 October 2018

Our organisation is concerned that customers who filed complaints with the banks have not had their complaints investigated by the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) and the Federal Regulators.

The complaints should have been investigated by the ABA and the Federal Regulators and if necessary sent to the State or Federal Police, if there was a prospect of criminal misconduct.

The team and support groups at Bank Victims are proud of those Australians who have attempted to speak up to ensure that Australia has a fair banking system.

The team at Bank Victims along with other dedicated groups especially, the Bank Reform Now (BRN) Group have worked tirelessly to have this Royal Commission.

The Australian voters deserve a full and fair investigation so credible reports of banking fraud and manipulation can be exposed.

The banks have a duty of care of having these complaints transparently and independently investigated.

The Australian people like people everywhere have the right to have their voices heard.

The dedicated team and support groups will continue to criticise the ABA and the Federal Regulators for not investigating these many thousands of complaints by banking victims.

Today and tomorrow in Canberra the NAB is hearing from many victims that have been ruined by unfair actions.

The NAB has an opportunity for closure with compensation so that these victims may move on and restart their lives.

We look forward to a positive outcome from these scheduled meetings whereby the healing of these injustices may commence.

We will keep everybody informed on the progress and outcomes of these meetings.

Hopefully we will have some positive news in the near future.

Take care and do not give up the fight, it is only round one.

Russ Cousins


Last modified onFriday, 19 October 2018 01:04

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  • Mary green
    Mary green Monday, 28 October 2019 04:39 Comment Link

    I am the victim of an unlawful eviction,featured on A Current Affair last Monday night 17th October along with my disabled sister
    With just a days notce we did not expect it to happen as the matters are still in court. It was a dispicable experience of the sherf department and police ,unconscionable and my sister is completly traumatised. Emergency public housing is dispicable and dangerious and dont intend to resolve our emergency housing situation Human rights are out the window we are destitute


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