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Aussie Politics Seems to be Infested with Former Bankers

Aussie Politics Seems to be Infested with Former Bankers
Aussie Politics seems to be infested with former bankers and those closely associated with the Banks, even at the very top Treasure Joe Hockey is married to a Top Gun at Deutsche Bank and Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishops little brother acting as legal council for the Commonwealth Bank..!!

Then of course there is Former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos's replacement, the Present Assistant Treasurer Joshua Anthony "Josh" Frydenberg, who in 2005 he took up a position as a Director of Global Banking with Deutsche Bank in the company's Melbourne office.

Former Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos (pictured), was a director with the investment bank Goldman Sachs and then became the Regional General Manager, Business and Private Bank at the National Australia Bank...!!

Sinodinos has been embroiled in a corruption scandal, that he allegedly stood to make 10's of millions of dollars from and been under investigation by ICAC for his part in the scam... !!

Even Malcolm Turnbul who was himself an Investment Banker and also a Director of Goldman Sachs, has an allegedly Highly Questionable Past and a lot of alleged Dirty Laundry .. but still has aspirations of becoming the Liberal Party Leader and Prime Minister in Waiting... !!

Tony Abbot and the LNP (Liberal National Party) has refused to hold a Royal Commission into Banking, after the Senate Committee into the Commonwealth Financial Planners Scandal, had recommended one be held immediately.... with only one exception on the committee against it, Guess "Which Bank" that Senator has ties too..

The Senate Inquiry started with the CBA, but then flowed into MacQuarie Bank and then into Westpac, National Australia Bank, the ANZ and even St George and the Bendigo Bank ..!!

It also looks like Tony Abbott shoved Federal Police Commissioner Tony Negus out the door, to keep a lid on the old Australian Wheat Boards "Saddam Hussein AWB Bribery Scandal", which had both the Commonwealth Bank and Deutsche Bank handling the AU$ 300 Million including the Bribes... !!

Nice of Tony to do that for the LNP's Mates at the Commonwealth Bank and the 12 people that the Royal Commission recommend to face Criminal Charges... But they have NEVER been prosecuted and judging by the Abbott Governments record to date, they never will be or the CBA brought to account for their part in the scandal..!!

The Abbott Government has even placed a Mega Gag Order, on the Biggest International Banking Scandal in Australian History.... that involves the Reserve Bank of Australia, but NO Australian can or has the right to know anything about it., according to Tony Abbott ... !!

Lets not forget the Papua New Guinea Money Scandal that broke conveniently before the last election, with Australian Banks at the center of the scandal and Tony Abbott's promising to get the bottom of it... Well that never happened either and the Aussie Banks have gotten off Scott Free on that one also..!!!

It's all turned into the "Newest Hot Reality Show" in town and everyone sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting breathlessly for the next episode of this weeks "Bankers Behaving Badly"... honestly you couldn't make this Juicy Plot Line up, with Money, Power and I am sure soon to come will be Sex and Drugs...!!

The list of connections to the Financial Services Sector and the LNP just goes on and on, to the point where everyone should be asking who is really running Australia, is it the elected LNP Government or the International Banking Cartels, via their Shareholding in the Australian Banking Industry...!!


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