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Our Mission

Our Mission

Knowledge is power, strength in numbers, nature is neutral and absolute power corrupts.

In today's society, there are countless individuals and SMEs who have fallen victim to the inequities of the bureaucratic and corporate system. Common to all who have been victimised are the feelings of powerlessness, abandonment and a sense of isolation. While many share their experiences with friends and family, there is a lingering passiveness that occurs from feeling helpless to stand up against the collective. Many of those who have been taken advantage of often lack the appropriate knowledge, support and resources to have prevented the situation from occurring or to take the required action to address the issue.

Bank Victims emerged from the Founder's own experiences of falling prey to the banking oligopoly. From this came a strong desire to take action through raising awareness and helping others who have had similar experiences, however he could find no central place to share his story, provide advice and work with other like-minded individuals. Thus Banks Victims, part of the Victims Solutions Network was born.

The vision for Bank Victims is one based on providing a collective voice, peer and network support and a central repository of knowledge for individuals, groups and businesses in the community. In doing so, The Bank Victims Platform will position itself as a socially responsible conduit to start to redress the balance of power that is the root of many of the injustices occurring.

Information is power and wisdom comes from the understanding of putting that information to good use. By aggregating isolated and disempowered individuals using the power and transparency of the Internet, Bank Victims seeks to:

  1. Encourage community healing by providing a central, transparent and non-judgemental place for victims to share their stories and receive support.
  2. Create a culture of learning and innovation that breaks down the silos of industry and geography through centralising the experiences of people regardless of their background, experience and industry.
  3. Raise awareness of the prevalence and shared themes underlying issues affecting our society.

Ultimately, it is envisaged that Bank Victims will become a portal of empowerment where the individual, no longer a marginalised victim to the system, is an engaged member of a community that is taking action to redress the inequities of the system by developing practical solutions and lobbying for change.

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