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Today National Australia Bank Stole my Home.

Today National Australia Bank Stole my Home.

Matt Morman  Wingman Pictures  18 May 2012

Kevin Pringle Raped my family and Supreme Court laughed all the way to the bank!!

To all my friends who have followed this case of fraud and injustice between me and the National Australia Bank. Today it came to a complete end. Today the Supreme Court judges laughed while Kevin Pringle of Gadens Lawyers raped my family and the National Australia Bank shit in our face.

1. I will be releasing over 2000 pages of the banks confidential information that proves without any doubt the National Australia Bank are committing fraud with your money. This information is marked “NOT TO BE SHOWN TO BORROWER”!!! I think you know what that means.

2. My case and the corrupt decision today will be uploaded to this site and all over the internet for others to now use. One thing is clear. Even though I became another victim today, my legacy for others will be to show every detail of the corruption that the bank have put every Australian into without any knowledge. Forget WikiLeaks.. it’s MATTYLEAKS.

3. I will pay any person $1000 cash for confirmed identification (Including photo) of ASHWATHI MURLIDHAR who is alleged to be a Realisations Consultant at Homeside National Australia Bank in Melbourne. Full submissions were made in court that Ashwathi Murlidhar was made up and no defense was given to that submission. Therefor the Courts allowed this case to be thrown out on a fraudulent document signed by someone who does not exist. For those that don’t know what that means, go research ROBOSIGNING. The National Australia Bank have now been proven to be lying on AFFIDAVITS and GADENS LAWYERS have been helping them do it. Once the Court release their corrupted judgement then I will help get it to the masses quickly so that you can also see what just happened on this historic day.Let the media know that GADENS LAWYERS, NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK and SUPREME COURT have endorsed the evidence written in AFFIDAVIT by someone who does not exist. This same person also allegedly signed the Overarching Obligations certificate. This means that “SHE” is held accountable not the bank. If you have a bank account with National Australia Bank, take every cent out while you can as the money has blood on it from thousands of Aussies who have been wrongfully hung by the National Australia Bank.

4. As most of you are also aware, my wife and I were threatened by a fat thug who is head of security at Supreme Court Melbourne. Full submissions were made to exactly what he threatened and that the Threat came direct from Kevin Pringle. Nothing was done AGAIN. So the recording that I made personally from my mobile phone of this fat thug will be released online shortly. The court today set another very dangerous precedent. It seems that the SUPREME COURT now ALLOW thugs to make threats in court as the precedent made today will get every person that wants to make threats to judges, witness’s or any person inside the court off due to my case against the court. So go for your life and make sure you cite National Australia Bank V Norman as your defense. Three judges have allowed this to happen without a single apology or effect. Therefor the court are promoting kaos without fear of prosecution.

5. Discovery of documents, interrogatories and fair trial – Two supreme court judges today allowed the National Australia Bank to never EVER EVER have to disclose one single document in court to prove they have the right to foreclose. Today in court I had my home stolen without one shred of evidence from the bank except a fraudulent loan contract that has fraud written all over it. The Court didn’t give a rats ass that I pleaded for normal process but instead handed my home and my life to the National Australia Bank.

What now… Well tonight my wife and I had to sit down our kids and tell them that we are broke, we have no home, we need to get rid of all pets, I will be bankrupt, because a bank we thought we could trust shot us in the back. A court system that we thought could see the truth, shot us in the back.

Now for the racist prick who called me a Nigger and put my family through this, that’s a fight I won’t lose. Mark my words.

To rub a crocodile into the wounds, the Court cruelly did not allow a stay on judgement even after I pleaded that I have nowhere else to go. So sheriffs are due any day which literally gives me a month.

As expected and understandable, my wife can’t keep the fight up anymore. I suffer from Bipolar which DOESNT FUCKING HELP as during mania (sorry I have the feeling it’s again been triggered) I stay up for days or weeks without sleep researching, studying. I miss my kids and wife.. I won’t be going to London or the U.S for SALUTE anymore as I can’t leave the kids so for those that are in the U.S and UK please help spread the word and go check out my film.

I just wanted to thank those that have shown enormous support to my family through this year long joke… I want to especially thank LINDA who has been there for my entire family. I have to say this because she deserves my utmost respect… She knows that we couldn’t even afford the petrol to get to court so she went through her pantry and made up a box of food and stuff for the kids. This is a woman I met while fighting the banks. She’s been fighting too. All this and yet she put MY family before herself. She deserves nothing but great things in her life. Linda thank you, I will never forget that small but powerful token of care.

I haven’t slept in days and I feeling strangely un-medicated so if you don’t hear from me it’s because i’m in a dive and properly can’t get out of bed for a while. chow for now. Mxx


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