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Phuck I hate banks!!!!!!!

Forum By: Mickdundee

Bit of background, for the PInk Ribbon Ride I had to book the dam as a destination, this required a cheque for $150 as a surety that when we leave the place will be nice and clean or we will use your $150 as cleaning fees, that's fine have no qualms about that at all.

Go to bank, get bank cheque made out to Parks Vic (or bearer) for $150, that's a $5.40 fee, for 30 seconds work and a piece of paper with some ink on it... fair enough.

Ride has finished, site is all clean, I get my cheque back, go to bank to deposit said cheque.

Teller: You can't deposit this cheque into your account.
Me: Why not?
T: It's made out to Parks Vic.
M: Or bearer, i'm holding the cheque, that makes me "the bearer".
T: I'll talk to my supervisor.
M: Fine.
T: You'll have to go see customer service (like there really is such a thing in a bank...)
M: Fine, go see customer service, take a number. Number gets called, I want to dpesoit this cheque into my account.
CS: We have to buy the cheque back off you for that to occur sir:
M: Why, it's made out to Parks Vic or bearer, i'm the bearer.
CS: We have to trace the cheque and it's origins.
M: I can tell you the cheque originated in this very branch and from the very same account i'm trying to oput it back into.
CS: Just one minute sir. Ten minutes later, all done for you sir, there was a $10 fee for us buying the cheque back.
M: So let me see if I have this right, if I take my money out of my account you screw me $5.40 for the priviledge. When I want to put the same money back into my account you screw me again, but even harder!!!!

Next year i'll either put a $150 deposit down in cash or i'll go to the bank with some KY, at least I can ask them to lube before they phuck me then!!!

And when ya think well at least that's the end of it all, not quite. Check my account balance online and I have $140 in uncleared funds! It's a PHUCKING BANK CHEQUE!!!!!! You don't have to see if funds are available to back it up as I'VE already paid for it!!!!!!

Phuck I hate banks!!!!!!

Reply By: pbz1900

Ahhh, Mick, the worst is yet to come on your next statement.
You'll probably find that you dipped below the minimum threshold for interest accrual that month, so you won't get your 5 cents interest for that month. Oh hang on, that account doesn't pay interest because it has other 'benefits.'
All banks do is guide customers from one account to another, much like sheep herding, by putting more feed in that paddock, and less feed in the old paddock. Shut the gate, stop the feed, sorry sheep, we changing the goal posts now, interest won't start now until you HAVE 50K in this account. However we do have this new account.......and on.....and on.....and on....
Originally banks were a win-win situation, you got interest even on 2 bucks. They used your money, you got paid. They are not anymore, they don't need to be. THE MANAGER EVEN RANG YOU IF THERE WEREN'T ENOUGH FUNDS TO CLEAR A CHEQUE! You need an account to conduct the affairs of your life, so it becomes which bank will charge you less, not which bank will pay more interest. Notice the switch of power?
So, everybody ready?.......BAAAAA, BAAAAAA, BAAAAAAA:trytofly:

I Phucking hate banks too!!!!!!

Reply By: Cruiserone

The multi million $ profit has to come from somewhere !!!

I hate 'em, too !!!


Reply By: Tasvulcan

I use a Credit Union and in the beginning it was great , no fees, no charges except for gov standard ones but slowly over the years they creeping in. Not quite as bad as banks yet but they're catching up. Looks like a lumpy mattress is the only way to go! :noidea:

Reply By: pbz1900

In Mick's case, a financial institution with feeling, yeah yeah don't laugh, could implement a no-charge basis for bank cheques involved in transactions concerning registered charities. But can you imagine the hurdles you would have to jump when the cheque was not made out to the charity itself, but was still involved in a fund raising event?

Geee, they would have to do almost as much work implementing that as the devious customer robbing schemes they have already.

Reply By: Tasvulcan

Might try registering a charity called "Tas V2K Live to Ride Fund" and see if I can dodge some fees and charges.

Reply By: mickdundee

Lemme know how it goes Tas :D I also cacnelled my credit card with em yesterday so the plan is pay that off and then lose this bank altogether. Which bank you ask?

Reply By: pbz1900

Which bank you ask?

Easy, Mick, all of 'em are ratbags. But to choose, you'll have to look at "what do i get charged and not get" just as much as "what do I get"..

Ca La Vie. Unfortunately.

Reply By: mickdundee

Yeah hearing ya, the only good bank is a dead one!! probably align myself with Bendigo bank at least they're a bit smaller and a little less likely to screw you, or at least use lube when they do..

Reply By: old doc

Yep, Bendigo require less lube, BUT: still feeling sore butt from them after paying $30 dishonour fee because my account was $2.60-something short when an automatic debit was due...why ws the account short? because they had reduced the interest rate on my deposit without informing me...

Reply By: Aj's nomad

I hate them as well, done the CU thing....started out like a brass band, had a credit card, mortgage, personal loan, all one big happy family. That lasted for about 10yrs, now I wouldn't pee on em if they were on fire. Bendigo is probably the best of a bad bunch.

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