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Banks Lie!

Banks Lie!
Many wonder why one man and his family are taking on the seemingly Omnipotent Australian Banks
You may find it hard to believe that Banks Lie!
That’s why I wrote “Banks Lie!” Get your copy to find out if You have been Lied to.
Dear Friend,
Let’s get straight to the point. There is growing global evidence that, at least as far as mortgages are concerned, your relationship with your bank is based on a …
Web of Lies
  •     Your bank lies to you that it has money to “lend” to you.
  •     Your bank lies to you by offering you a “loan contract” when it is neither a “loan” nor a “contract”.
  •     Your bank lies to you by not telling you your signature creates value.
  •     Your bank lies to you by telling you the money it provides is not your money already, or money created by you.
  •     Your bank lies to you by not telling you they simply create a credit entry in your account, out of nothing.
  •     Your bank lies to you by sending you Statements which give a false impression about your financial standing with the bank.
  •     Your bank lies to you by telling you that you must pay interest on the money you receive.
  •     Your bank lies to you by telling you that you must pay fees and risk losing your home if you do not pay them the money they demand.
  •     Your bank lies to you that they need security for the loan and so you must give them a mortgage over your family home.
  •     Your bank lies to you that it has lawful right to take money and your home from you.
  •     Your bank lies to you that it has not sold or otherwise lost any rights it might have had under a true contract, by selling that financial instrument to others.
  •     Your bank lies to the court when it claims to have the right to demand money or to demand your home.
  •     Your bank lies to the investors it sells your home loan to by not disclosing that your obligations are voided once the “loan” has been sold – thus the mortgage backed security is not truly backed by anything!
I am not a Financial Planner, Lawyer, Accountant or even an expert in the field of money. I believe I a victim of the lies told by Banks, just like you.
But, unlike others who give in to the Banks, my wife Susan and I, decided to take a stand for the truth.
That stand led to us being temporarily evicted from our home
But we are back in our home AND are determined to stay there!
Download my Free Book for the full story of the Lies Perpetrated by Banks — with the full support of the Judiciary
Inside, you will find …
  •     The story of Rosie, shafted by NAB
  •     How Macquarie Bank removed web references to their market leadership in Mortgage Securitisation after my revelations.
  •     How 300 small businesses were sued by Macquarie Bank over contracts described as “misleading” by ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuel
  •     How Ruth was tricked by NAB into signing a contract she had not agreed to.
  •     The massive Westpac coverup
  •     How your signature on a piece of paper can turn it into “Money”, just like the signature on a $100 note.
  •     What happened to a Melbourne woman who refused to re-sign documents for her home loan which her Bank had supposedly “Lost” … You simply will not believe this.
  •     The unusual conflict between Morality, Right and Justice
  •     … and so much more.
I could go on, but instead I urge you to click the Link below and download your copy of “Banks Lie!” immediately. Then sit back for a read which will have you questioning your view of your mortgage forever.
Chris Field
December 2, 2010
P.S. Even though my book is Free, and I am sure you will want to share it with others, please share it by sending your friends to this page so I can send them their personal copy of the very latest version.
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